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Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Makeup Look 2010-08-11 13:00:00

Five Days of Blue Dahlia: Day Two, Getting Bolder

In an attempt to break out of the neutrals rut, I'm wearing blue eye shadow in a bevy of ways — all in an attempt to do so without being called Smurfette. Day one was a relatively tame flash of blue along the lash line. Today, however, I'm turning it up to 11, with a much more intense look. To check it out, keep reading.

So here we are! I used the turquoise color all over the lid, the cobalt shade at the outer corners of my eyes, and the dark navy shadow along the lash line. A little taupe in the crease, along with the sparkly white shadow along the brow bone, made the look surprisingly wearable for daytime. (Our office is pretty casual.) One interesting note: these bold colors look better when applied with a heavier hand. The pigment shows up more vividly and brightens the eyes more than a light dusting of shadow does.

Fun fact: no mascara! The color was enough look for me.

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