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Estelle Launches Scarves by Swaray

Estelle Wants to Fix Your Bad Hair Days Forever

How many ways can Estelle tie a scarf? Too many to count! The British singer is stepping into something new with her collection of scarves. The luxury brand Scarves by Swaray (which is Estelle’s last name) launches later this month with five prints inspired by her travels. Estelle picked up a few paisley patterns in Malaysia and also sourced fabrics gifted from her African grandmother. "I like to rip up fabrics and make something new. That’s my thing," she said.

Each standard square scarf is black silk with a strip of color in the center and will retail for around $200. The brand will release even more patterns this Spring and possibly a few coordinating nail wraps. While these scarves can be worn around your neck and on your bag, Estelle's favorite tie is a head wrap. Throughout her tour, the singer would throw on a scarf while she was performing, which sparked the inspiration for Scarves by Swaray. If you're not as savvy at tying, each scarf comes with instructions. Your bad hair days just got a lot more stylish.

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