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Eucalyptus Oil

Definition: Eucalyptus Oil

When I think of eucalyptus, the image of koalas munching these leaves in the wild immediately pops into my head. However, the plant's medicinal properties can be traced back to Aboriginal people of Australia who used it as a remedy for skin problems and respiratory ailments – pretty similar to the uses today.

Eucalyptus essential oil comes from the steam distillation of the tree's leaves and branches. It actually takes over 100 pounds of the plant material to make just two pounds of oil! The resulting active ingredient of eucalyptol relieves muscle and joint pain (like in Huiles Essentielles Stress Relieving Massage Oil), cools and invigorates (especially combined with Spearmint or Rosemary), and even functions as a sunburn soother or insect repellent (Eucalyptus Towelettes).

While the aroma is strong on its own, it's often diluted and mixed with complementary earthy scents, such as pine, for perfumes as well.


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