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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Extensions: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my interview with awesome celebrity and fashion stylist Kristin Ess from LA's Warren-Tricomi salon.  Last time we talked about getting the right extensions for your hair color and texture, and today we're tackling some important rules for styling, maintaining, and using extensions that are good to know even if you're not in the market for extra hair. So just keep reading.

How do you care for extensions as far as brushing and styling?

Please brush your hair twice a day: Brush it in the morning, and brush it at night. I don’t care what you do, but you have to brush it. I also always encourage everyone to put their hair in a loose braid before bed, because the less it gets tossed around while you’re sleeping, the better. When you’re brushing, you should be using a natural boar’s hair. It’s just softer on hair.

With extensions, can you use them to add volume on top, or are they just for length?

It’s a very common misconception that you get crazy volume at the top of your hair. Extensions are heavier than your hair, so actually, you’re going to be flattening the hair on top if you put them there. Now, what you can do in order to gain a little volume is put some in toward the front on the side.


People often confuse their terms, too. They don’t mean volume, they mean density or thickness. You can totally use extensions for thickness. But your thickness is gonna be more on the sides and on the bottom than on the top. It’s up to you to do the top of your own hair.

For more of the interview, keep reading.

Is there anybody you wouldn’t recommend extensions for at all?

If you don’t have time to spend five minutes brushing, a few minutes curling it, and doing a deep conditioner once a week, then you shouldn’t have them. The extensions I do are pretty low maintenance, but any kind of extension is some maintenance. It’s not Jane Jetson where you sit under a thing for two minutes and your hair is done. I’m not saying people who are low maintenance shouldn’t try them out, though. It’s a great idea if it inspires you to do your hair every day and take good care of it.

What’s the worst extension accident you’ve ever seen?

There’s a certain timeframe for any set of extensions, and every hairdresser should tell you the expiration date of the hair, the day when you need to come in and get it retouched. If you go too long, they grow out from your hair a couple of inches and the hair above tangles; it’s a nightmare.

There was a time when we had a girl come in, and she had gone just way, way too long. Half her extensions she had pulled out, the other half were still stuck in her hair, and all the new growth above her extensions was horribly matted and tangled. It took us hours to comb out what was left of her hair.


You have to maintain, on time.


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