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ExfoliKate Review and Tips

Why Won't This $85 Treatment Work For Me? Let's Find Out.

Julia Coney of All About the Pretty has the most beautiful complexion. If I didn't know better, I'd think she has a secret entourage of Photoshoppers touching up her skin as she walks around all day. It's just that flawless and glowing. Once, I asked her what her secret was, and — along with overall healthy livin' and good genes — she raves about Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate ($85).

Formerly known as Kate in a Jar, it uses lactic acid and fruit enzymes to exfoliate dead skin. But before I dropped a hefty $85 on it, I headed to Sephora to request a sample. At home, I applied it and waited for the magic to happen. Except it didn't. Don't get me wrong, it made my skin look a bit better, but not in that stupendous, I-have-found-the-holy-grail-of-skin way. I wanted Julia skin, not just-slightly-nicer Bella skin. So I asked Julia what her secret was. Yep, I messed something up. For her expertise, read more.

I'd applied ExfoliKate on slightly damp, clean skin for the recommended 30 seconds. When I tried again a few days later, I left it for a minute. Both occasions produced a bit of tingling, and my skin was softer. But for $85, I want more. I want to be wowed. Julia, of course, had advice for getting it right.

"What I do is allow my face to get some type of moisture while in the shower," she explained. "So I don't do it as soon as I step in. I put it on and rub it gently into my skin and let it work until I feel the slightest sting, then I take it off. Also, don't wash your face before using it." A shower and a dirty face — could this be the secret to the cult of ExfoliKate? I plan to procure one more sample and find out, using the Julia method. Have you tried ExfoliKate? Does it work miracles for your skin, too, or have you been stymied like me?

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sparkleluvr sparkleluvr 7 years
It bugs me that some products work great on some people's skin and then others have a different outcome with the same product. What gives?!?!? I get so frustrated when I hear great things about a product, then go to try it, only to find out that it doesn't work as well for me (or at all).
kerish kerish 7 years
Oh I hve to add that i spritz my face wth Evian face spray first(dont judge lol) my tap water is desalinated!!then again i spritz b4 using all face creams and they seem to work better
kerish kerish 7 years
Right at this moment I am wearing a Lactic acid and Vitamin C cream.Jus wearing this cream overnight makes my skin looks radiant!It doenst cost that much thu E-Derma
ladyv ladyv 7 years
I don't understand, why not wash your face beforehand?
kimmiemo kimmiemo 7 years
I tried it a couple of years ago because I read all the magazines that were singing the praises of Kate in a jar. I thought it was skin was softer but not so much especially considering the price. I love aveda's tourmaline cleanser which is much less expensive. It is a cleanser and exfoliator. I follow that with kate somerville's sunscreen which is fabulous.
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