Engagement Week has officially begun at Sugar Publishing! Here on FabSugar we've decided to put together a little Fab Gift Guide to offer you some creative and cool engagement presents for the blushing bride to be. Weddings should be a time for celebration, happiness and bliss - they are not intended to stress you out or (unbenounced to some) break the bank. Here are gift suggestions in three different price ranges.

Under $50

This gorgeous and delicate Waterford Pressage Ring Holder, $40, is the perfect thoughtful and special engagement gift for a bride.

She isn't going to want to get grease and grime on her new bling when she's getting down and dirty, with the dishes or vacuum cleaning that is! It is also a fabulous foray into the world of china and registries to come.

For two more engagement gift ideas for the bride,

$50 - $100

A Gift Certificate at SpaFinder.com for a custom makeover $75-$100 is perfect for a bride who is not only going to be the center of attention at the main event, but also at engagement parties, showers and a bachelorette party.

You will never take more pictures in one year than when you are planning to get married. This will make her feel beautiful and will give her a fresh new look. Hey, gotta keep the fire going for the fiance too!

Over $100

The BlissSpa Hot Off The Stresses Massage, $165, will make all of her worries melt away - well, at least for 75 minutes! Everyone knows that although engagements are supposed to be blissful, unfortunately families, planning, financial strains, etc. can also make this an extremely stressful period of time.

This super indulgent massage is a very popular gift pick. People usually opt for a 60 minute massage, and the extra time really makes a big difference. She will be rubbed with warm essential lavender, bergamot, and sage oils, and the massage is also accompanied by a warm wax foot softening pack.

BlissSpa has locations in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can of course choose any spa local to the bride if you don't live in/near one of these cities to pamper the precious bride!