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Fab How-To: Sample Sale Shopping

Now that we've shown you a peek into Spring, as well as some of the new Fall 2007 looks, if you are anything like me, you've already begun to clean out your closet to ensure there's ample space in there for what's to come! Stores are still having major sales and private brands are conducting their own and much awaited sample sales.

The slashed price tags can really make your tail wag, but beware! You don't want to wind up with a closet full of less, last season's junk. For a few helpful tips from a shopping junkie on how to tackle sample sales,

  • Lesson One: Try and resist the need for an item simply because it seems like such a good deal. At the time it may seem like a fab purchase, but if realistically you are never going to put it on, then put it down!
  • Lesson Two: Don’t buy it if it doesn't fit you while you are in the store. I can't tell you how many times I thought, "this will look great after I lose the weight I've been meaning to shed." If you never get around to losing the weight, the item will never fit. Also if something requires a costly alteration, consider if it's really worth the investment.
  • Lesson Three: Slow down shopper! If you are rushing but want to buy something so you feel a sense of accomplishment, chances are that you won't make a good choice. Shop when you've got the time to give your purchases proper smarts.
  • Lesson Four: Look for quality, not quantity. It's better to own a few nice investment staples than to own a closet full of trendy and shoddy items that will soon be out of style and will fall apart. Train yourself to splurge on timeless pieces.
  • Lesson Five: Spring clean before you go to a sample sale. Have an idea of what you need so that you won't be tempted to buy just anything that catches your eye. Your goal should be to get rid of anything that you haven't worn in two years (and that's a cushioned rule since I'm sentimental).
  • Tip: An additional helpful hint: make sure you wear clean, cute underwear that you don't mind others seeing. Often times sample sales are in huge warehouses or auditoriums with open changing rooms or none at all. Showing up commando at a sample sale is an etiquette and fashion DON'T!
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