A few years ago, as I was waiting for a treatment at the Aveda Institute Chicago, I came across the term decrustation on the spa service menu. Common sense told me it had something to do with the removal of crust. But on the face? Huh? So I checked in with my esthetician friend, Cynthia, and here's what she had to say. "Decrustation is a process where you use some kind of special product and an electric current to soften the sebum in your pores. Once this sebum is soft it's easier to extract." Lovely.

Decrustation is often performed on those with congested skin types, such as oily skin. A common mixture used to loosen the sebum is a mask of baking soda and distilled water. To make the solution more effective, the electrical current is used to help push product into the skin. As for squeezing out that sebum? Check out how that's done through the process of extraction here.