You know how we're always hearing that face symmetry indicates how attractive a person is perceived? There's even software available so that you can determine your own facial evenness. (As if we really need that.) Now, researchers are hinting that it could actually be facial radiance that determines beauty. Researchers instructed 430 people to look at digital photos of idealized women, ages 10 to 70, with only just the skin tone and evenness being altered. "The highest scores went to the models with the most even skin tone. It seems to be more important than almost any other factor," Procter & Gamble's Dr. Paul Matts told the Daily Mail. In fact, it was noted that participants often averted their eyes when the model's skin was not smooth or balanced. (The horror!) To find out more, just keep reading. "Skin tone, especially in women, says a great deal about reproductive potential," explained evolutionary psychology expert Dr. Bernhard Fink to The Sunday Times, adding, "Humans are highly evolved to pick up on cues like that because at one time in our past it would have been crucial for reproductive success." What do you think? Is there some merit to these claims, or do you feel this research is a bit unbalanced itself?