Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week: Mackage

Of all the subtly sexy hairstyles, the hair-over-the-eyes look might be the most underappreciated. Such was the case at Mackage, where stylist Tippi Shorter created a ponytail that draped in front of the face. Make the swoop less dramatic for real life, and you've got a beautiful, easy style. (In your face!)

To create the look, Shorter dried hair straight then worked Avon Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse throughout. Using a comb, she created a diagonal part that extended from the point above one eye to the crown of the head. She then blow-dried the front section of the hair forward, using a round barrel brush to create the sweep.

To form the perfect ponytail, she backcombed about two inches of hair just below the crown. Next, she draped it over the back of the head, moving the teased portions around evenly before securing it into a low, loose ponytail. After blending Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Smoothing Serum and Shaping Gel together, she worked it through the draped section of hair; she followed by pulling it into the ponytail. At home, you can secure with bobby pins if necessary and finish with a shine spray.

Image Source: Getty
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