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Fall Haircuts: Tips and Ideas

Lazy Girl Tips For Getting a Fab Fall Haircut


We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Real Beauty:

Whether you're snipping off scorched split ends, or want to start the season with a fresh, new 'do, pre-Fall haircuts are a great opportunity to strike the perfect balance between pretty and practical. So to ensure you get the most bang for your buck (and stay in style), we gathered these strand-saving tips to guarantee you won't walk away from your next appointment with a nasty little case of salon remorse. To see what you need to know now, just keep reading.

1. Let It Air-Dry

NYC hair guru Eva Scrivo one time told us that the mark of a great haircut is that it looks good after it air-dries. And this makes sense (even though we do love post-trim blowouts). Skilled cutters can work with the natural texture of your hair to enhance its overall shape. If you find it's too hard to forgo hot tool treatments entirely, ask your stylist if you can split up your time slot, so she can work on other clients while you wait for your strands to dry.

2. Skip the Bangs

Unless your brow-skimming fringe is your signature 'do, think twice before opting for bangs this Fall. Most of the best new hairstyles feature face-framing accents, like braids and side parts, that require longer hair around your mug to execute. Plus, clip-in bangs are making a serious comeback. Celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita even used them to create the heavy fringes at Doo.Ri's Fall show. As he pointed out to us, "The best thing about clip-in bangs is that you never need to trim them."


3. Put Away the Blackberry . . .

. . . And iPad, and laptop. Cranking your neck to check work emails (slash play Angry Birds) only makes it harder for your stylist to keep your cut level. And with hairstyle trends, like pristine ponytails and structured layers, on the rise, you'll regret it later if your ends aren't evenly snipped.

4. Bring Current Magazine Pictures

By now, everyone's heard that you should bring inspiration hairstyle pictures to show your stylist. But few people actually do. "People think it can come across as insulting," Charles Baker Strahan, Leighton Meester's go-to hair guy, once dished to us. "But it's not. Photographs only help to explain something you might not be able to put to words." Of course, selecting the right photos is key to scoring a trendy cut, so only select photos from August 2011 issues and beyond (magazines start to preview Fall trends in these books).

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janetmouse janetmouse 5 years
LOL...I totally agree with putting away the phone when getting a cut!!!
bengalspice bengalspice 5 years
You do know that having the stylist dry your hair is the best way to check if they cut your hair straight. I once went and got my hair cut and let it air dry. BIG MISTAKE. When I went to blow my hair out I discovered my symmetrical bob was really asymmetrical with random pieces of hair that were longer than others ... all because my hair was curly when I left the salon.
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