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What's Your Beauty Secret Weapon?

This week, Kylie Minogue was quoted as saying that she only uses Pond's Cold Cream. This declaration set the product's sales up 120 percent in the UK. It's an old-fashioned product for sure, but one that's never gone off the market over the course of 100 years, and with good reason. It got me thinking about my own beauty "secret weapons," like tubular mascara and the awesome honey cinnamon nutmeg mask reader Tlsgirl sent us — which I absolutely love.

And then I thought, "The readers must have all kinds of cool tricks up their sleeves. I'll ask them!" So, here it is: do you have any beauty secret weapons, big or small? Clever tips are more than welcome, too (for instance, heating a liner pencil before you use it to make the color more movable). Put your beauty thinking caps on and share your brilliance in the comments.

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Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 4 years
The Same as Ashleigh07. Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Works 4 Me, All Four Seasons. SO Cool, SO Fab, SO Moxie, SO Sweet for My Beautiful Skin's Comfort Zone like a Pittsburgh Sports Team Game Plan, W or L. Kirstin's Locked and Loaded Beauty Secret Weapon 4 Life! Thank You, Sweet Kate Somerville, Pittsburgh Nordstrom and Ashleigh07. GAME ON!! Kirstin
carminav carminav 6 years
Mine is I don't wash my hair daily because I think washing it daily will strip out the natural oil of your hair. Share this beauty secrets at, fun site for girls that lets them share tips about beauty and fashion.
millefeuille millefeuille 6 years
My favorite beauty secret is having a list of all the cosmetic ingredients to know what I'm putting on my face or lips. Reading dermatology journals and doing researches when I'm interested in some product to decide if is good or not. I never failed with the products I've used.
ashleigh07 ashleigh07 6 years
Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate. It takes my blah skin day to a fabulous one in under 5 minutes.
anabelgg anabelgg 6 years
Black charcoal soap...$2 to cleaner, better skin ( and Philosophy's Help Me ( for problems whether it's a pimple, scars/discolouration, or wrinkles...a little goes a long, long way.
Jody76 Jody76 6 years
Well, I have a few: 1. Noxzema 2. Queen Helene Body Lotion/Moisturizer 3. Tresemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner 4. Tresemme Color Thrive (For Blondes) 5. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
preetivish preetivish 6 years
My beauty secret is simply my black kohl pencil. It can really brighten my eyes even on my bad days! Nothing beats it!
demi-serena demi-serena 7 years
my face stays clear with my handy scrub glove, those cheap shower gloves.
b0mbsh3ll b0mbsh3ll 7 years
hands down, my Clarisonic MIA.
susan1326 susan1326 7 years
Covergirl Volumexact mascara. You can put on as many coats as you like with no clumping or flaking.
AnnB1997 AnnB1997 7 years
I was going to try the Simple Radiance cream but saw that Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster had £5 off so bought that.... looked and felt good, but then I read the back of the box and it has Methylparaben in it: I am against parabens and this one apparently makes the skin age quicker, so why it is in a product supposed to delay the signs of aging is beyond me. I think I will now have to go and have a look at the Simple product, as it came with your recommendation Nools.
lisanotallthere lisanotallthere 7 years
Ooh I just love Simple Creams and skincare and it's not too pricey either. I saw the Search for a Simple Star campaign in Mizz magazine, it's encouraging to see that in a world where the media coverage tells you to be a certain way this young girl has such amazing body confidence with her skin problems. Fantastic.
AnnB1997 AnnB1997 7 years
Moisturise like mad, always wear a face cream with an SPF in it and always wear suntan lotion (Simple's stuff is great and Nools I agree their competition looks great: Crikey a chance to earn £50k too!). Oh and I never, ever sunbathe, which may account for people thinking I look ten years younger than I am!
Nools007 Nools007 7 years
Mine has recently been Vaseline Aloe Vera but the simple radiance brightening may be a good option to try I joined simple vip and they sent me a voucher for 50% off any pack as a birthday gift - cool. There is only 30 days left to enter their Search for a Star competition so come on all you budding beauty experts enter now I also love my Clinique although this can sometimes be a bit pricy
emmilini emmilini 7 years
My secret beauty weapon is definitely Simple radiance brightening moisturiser for my face, have a look on for it, it makes my skin feel glowing! And also Palmers Body Butter, my skin loves it :)
aliciak aliciak 7 years
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm convinced that Cortisone cream (the one from the drugstore that you use when you get a cut or something) makes pimples significantly smaller. It works for me, every time. I also swear by Eucerin Daily Perfecting Lotion with SPF 15. I've been using it for years and I've never gone a day without using it. It takes away any redness you may have and balances out skin tone, while still making you look natural and beautiful.
mshogan mshogan 7 years
For my sensitive acne prone skin i make a paste of the following: 1 Teaspoon Finely Ground Almonds 1 Teaspoon Raw Eggwhite 2-3 Drops Pure Lemon Essentil Oil I use this every night after cleansing, gently scrubbing for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off and follow with my night cream. For store bought products I am completely sold on the Alpha Hydrox range.....excellent products at a fraction of the cost. I will never spend a fortune on other products ever again!
mshogan mshogan 7 years
I can definitely vouch for the coffee grounds. It's an excellent exfoliator and nothing has ever left my skin feeling so soft.
Angela-Peterson Angela-Peterson 7 years
I've been using Asepta & Heliabrine skin care products from Monaco. Try their Lifting and Collagen Ampoules. I use the ampoules whenever my skin is stressed or fatigued. Most skin cell growth occurs when you are sleeping so I apply a Collagen Ampoule before going to bed. These ampoules can be used daily. If you are applying makeup in the day, you can also apply the Face Lifting Ampoules before putting on your makeup. It helps to prevent the makeup from clogging your pores and prolongs the staying power of my makeup. These are definitely must-buy ampoules for me because first of all, I have oily skin, so I need a product that is able to control sebum production which always disrupts my makeup. Secondly, wrinkles around my eye areas are starting to appear more, so I use the Collagen Ampoules to eliminate this ongoing issue. I've found the best service and prices at WWW.SUPERSTARCOSMETICS.COM.
angelahay angelahay 7 years
- For my oily acne prone sensitive skin, dove's beauty bar soap works very well. - I like to sleep in either skyn iceland oxygen infusion night cream or noxema cold cream (when I can't afford skyn iceland) The next day I always I have a glow to my skin _ plenty of rest and drink lots of water daily - take vitamin e at night when my cells are repairing themselves and it always reflects on the outside with more supple skin - have to have sunscreen in my makeup (wear chantecaille or bare escentials) - Use evian facial spray and toner throughout the winter to keep my skin from feeling dehydrated - Love Lancome extensils mascara for superlong eyelashes when I can't afford eyelash extensions - Wear carmex at night and drink plenty of water so my lips aren't chapped in the morning.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Norak: I'm with you. I use coffee grounds, but I will also mix coffee grounds with raw sugar, and olive oil and use it as a body scrub. While I have a ton of expensive products and will swear by Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream, I still use Cetafil to wash my face. I love solid shea and cocoa butters for my body as it not only softens, but reduces stretch marks which is why my favorite product is my Lush Buffy bar it is a mix of shea and cocoa butter, ground rice, almonds, and aduki beans. It does things to my skin that I didn't think were possible
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