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Finacea Review

Take the Redness Out With an Anti-Rosacea Gel

When the complexion problems get tough, the tough go to the dermatologist. After some stubborn acne started to worsen, I headed to my dermatologist (check his acne-fighting tips here) for a visit.

He prescribed Finacea, a water-based gel with azaleic acid. It's generally used to treat rosacea, but my dermatologist said it would not only reduce redness, but also treat the acne. It's expensive, about $115, but insurance can help soften the financial blow. (Or, ahem, there are always Canadian pharmacies.) In my case, it's money well spent. I am so into this gel, it's not even funny.

From the first time I applied it, I saw amazing and quick results. The redness around my nose faded overnight, and within a few days, I found that my blackheads were coming to the surface. (All the easier to eliminate with my extractor.) Two weeks into my love affair with Finacea, I've had significantly fewer clogged pores, and most of my redness is gone. Side effects are minimal; sometimes it makes my skin itchy, but usually I don't have any problems. Obviously, you should talk with a dermatologist before looking into any prescription, but Finacea is such good stuff that I just had to let you know about it.

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Anne26 Anne26 8 years
The minute you put on this stuff your skin burns and stings, but goes away after a about an hour. You really have to have patience with this cream.
maxiene maxiene 8 years
I agree, I love this stuff as well! My derm has me alernate between Finacea and Metrogel, using both once a day. The results are quite good!
CrissyVK CrissyVK 8 years
I can't believe I saw my life saver here!!! Just in the past year and a half, my skin had taken a weird turn, which may have to do with hormones and just overall body changes. My occasional break-out turned into regular break-outs along with redness and scaliness on the side of my face. When to the derm, I was diagnosed with Rosacea. I was put on this as well as Clindagel, and my skin has never been so clear. I also tried Metro-gel and did not get the same results. I definitely recommend anyone to try this cream if they have issues with redness, and breakouts.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
ginlake, your description is exactly my form of rosacea. I don't get pustules or break out either and never have, just the redness, and the flushing. Always happens when I drink or eat spicy foods or hot/cold extremes, but often as you said, i'll just be sitting working and can feel my face warming up and when I look in the mirror, it's bright red. I'm using the RevaleSkin line for cleanser day/night moisturizer which is really mild, and then the metrogel and retinA as prescription. For the times when i'm flushing and just want to cool down my face and redness Murad has a redness therepy recovery treatment gel that helps a little. I know of several people, and it was mentioned above, who use the Eucerin Redness products and like them as OTC. You should go to your dermatologist, and they can prescribe Finecea or Metrogel and really it does help reduce the redness and flushing.
ginlake ginlake 8 years
Within the past month or two I've noticed a lot of redness and flushing on my face. It will happen once or twice a day and I can't think of anything that prompts it...I could be sitting in bed watching a movie or sitting on the couch working on the laptop. I can feel the blood rushing to my face and it gets super warm and tingly...and my cheeks will be bright red for a long while. I don't have any breakouts (other than the usual I get during that time of the month) but someone said this could be the early stages of rosacea. I also read that some people w/ rosacea only have the redness and no breakouts. Does anyone else experience anything like this? Or did you when you first started noticing your rosacea??
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Thanks for the nice comment, Snowbunny11! Many, many women deal with acne well into their 20s and 30s (but it seems like a lot of us don't talk about it, or that we think it's a "teenage thing." Like you said, even celebrities who have all the resources in the world have acne. It's something that's managed, not cured. xo
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
ElisabethR ElisabethR 8 years
This was definitely one of the better acne/rosacea creams I tried. They often prescribed sulfur based products which were absolute hell on my skin. My problem was that I became super resistant to everything very quickly -- which really hurt considering how much I dumped on a prescription. But Finacea really did work well for me and my sister -- she didn't build the resistance to it that I did. I have been plagued by acne and cystic outbreaks for years. I've had the best luck using Philosophy and natural LUSH soaps and masks. For some reason, my skin doesn't build as much resistance, athough I will often use a different soap every night. Seems to work!
magickofreiki magickofreiki 8 years
myystyque- i also use the eucerin products for my rosacea and am having good results with them. i use the redness relief night cream every night, and in the morning my skin looks great. looking to buy the other products soon. which ones do you use?
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
Bella- can I just say that I love that you talk about your experiences treating acne on this blog? It's something I've personally struggled so much with, I've tried everything, and I often am so ashamed that I have problems with my skin, it makes me feel dirty. Especially when celebrities like Britney (whose skin looks great now!), Posh and Cameron Diaz even get called out for having bad skin. And imagine, with their money and resources, if even they have had problems from time to time, it isn't an easy thing. So, anyway, I know it sounds so dorky, but having you talk about it as though it's just another beauty problem is really comforting. And maybe I'll ask my derm. about this cream! And I hear ya on the Canadia pharmacies. I actually went up one time with my grandparents to get some acne medications!
lacornflakegirl lacornflakegirl 8 years
i use this too! it works, but if you have dry skin oh my goodness does it burn for a half hour! once your skin acclimates, this stops happening... but ouch!
myystque myystque 8 years
Hmm...this sounds interesting for my rosacea, but I think I'll continue using my Eucerin products until they no longer work.
azuresugar azuresugar 8 years
I'm glad that it works well for you. My dermatologist recommended it a few years ago due to tiny white pustules. Fortunately I only tried it on my forehead because I had a severe skin reaction to it. Not fun.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
Glad to hear the Finacea is working for your acne! I have roscacea, and my derm put me on it abotu 4 years ago and worked great for several years. However this past year the redness has gotten worse, and back to the derm I went, who changed me over to Metrogel and RetinA.. I've seen huge improvements on the redness. So much so that FINALLY tomorrow I've scheduled to have the broken capillaries to be lasered YAY I can't wait. (But I had to get the general redness under control first) So happy they making such strides in skincare meds.
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