As you may know, "celebrity doppelganger" week on Facebook has become a huge phenomenon, and while "week" seems to have turned into "weeks," finding one's celebrity lookalike still appears to be fresh on everyone's minds. A while back, I wondered if you had ever been told that you look like someone famous, and many of you mentioned the MyHeritage website, where some cleverly designed software analyzes your mug and spits out your celebrity carbon copies.

When I first tried out this addictive application, which has been jammed beyond capacity as of late, it actually told me I looked like a dude, but now that the Bella avatar has been updated, I decided to run my photo through again. Although some people have mentioned Bella bears a strong resemblance to Jennifer Lopez or Kate Beckinsale, MyHeritage claims it's Vanessa Marcil, who will always be Gina Kincaid in my junior high mind.

Let us know what you discover while morphing yourself and creating your own doppelganger collages, and be sure to start following Bella on Facebook, too!