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Find a New Perfume For Your Tastes

Let Your Favorite Dessert Help You Find a Perfume

Decadent, sweet, creamy desserts are for palates that love intensity but hate "sharp" flavors. If caramels and creams are the stuff of your cravings, you're probably going to love Thierry Mugler Angel ($79). It was the first gourmand scent, and it's still legendary. It's all cotton candy, caramel, and vanilla alchemically baked together into a perfume.

Loving custard desserts could also indicate that you prefer light yet buttery textures and tastes, though, so if you're in this group, try a similarly sweet but less sybaritic treat, like Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée ($50). It reproduces the sugary-milky accord of the dessert without any of the heaviness.

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