Although Britney Spears may not be making the best choices in her personal life, she sure hasn't skipped a beat when it comes to her fragrances. It seems like just yesterday that believe launched, and now we are already seeing something new from her. However, let's be clear about one thing. This "new" scent, Curious Heart ($49.50), isn't really new — it's a limited-edition version of her older juice Curious, with a tattoo-inspired bottle and a modified name.

Here's the gimmick: When you purchase a bottle, you receive a membership card which directs you to the website. There, you enter a password to become eligible to win various prizes each month. I'd say that's some pretty clever marketing from Britney's people — especially throwing the word "heart" in the title right before Valentine's Day. But with her personal life in disarray, I keep wondering whether this is enough to pique shoppers' curiosity.