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FitSugar's Workout-Friendly Beauty Secret

FitSugar's Workout-Friendly Beauty Secret

Estheticians often try to cajole me into getting my eyelashes tinted, but I'm often a lazy wuss. Funnily enough, this is also how I am when it comes to working out — so when FitSugar let me in on her beauty secret, I suddenly realized that eyelash tinting makes sense for a lot of busy women. Here's what Fit says:

As a fitness fanatic, the thing that regularly makes my mascara run faster than my legs is the simple act of sweating that accompanies cardio and swimming. While I admire Alice Cooper, I don’t really want to project that smeary look while working out, but I do like my eyes to be fringed with long, dark lashes. For me, the simplest solution is not waterproof mascara, but a monthly eyelash tint where I have blackest-black dye gently painted onto my lashes. It is not the most comfortable process; it stings a bit, and sitting still for 12 to 15 minutes can be a challenge for me. But I love stepping out of the pool or ocean knowing I have long lashes framing my eyes, even though they might be lost behind foggy goggles.

Fit is the mom of two adorable little girls, she works outside of the house, and she really is the most in-shape person I know. If anyone is busy, it's her — which is why I now get it. A little time in the beauty salon saves her a ton of hassle. Stay tuned for more Sugar Girl beauty know-how...

xxxsarahxxx xxxsarahxxx 9 years
the eyelash tinting sounds cool, but i have black lashes. does anyone know if it damages one's lashes? i use waterproof mascara and noticed that, over time, my lashes get shorter and sparser. i was considering eyelash perming / extensions but since i have sensitive eyes/lashes am just a little worried!
lolababy575 lolababy575 9 years
I also think that the original idea was a little distorted - I don't think most of us hit the gym with make up and hair done. I think this would really help for those of us that have to crunch those workouts into the middle of the day and we have no time to do much prep to head back to work. I work out after my first class of the morning, but I still have three classes afterward and then on to work. I really don't have the time to put make up on, but I don't like having to go completely au natural for the rest of the day (I feel frumpy). So I think this could be a great solution for those that need a quick fix!
skiacresluv skiacresluv 9 years
Totally worth it if you have blond lashes. Everyone saying it's better to be natural probably already has darkish lashes. I have to put on mascara just to look the way most people do with none on. I look so sleepy without mascara!
aerialkabuki aerialkabuki 9 years
You can buy kits to do this at home. I don't remember any stinging when I tried, and I'm fine after the fact. I think it would be worth it to someone with pale lashes.
Angelica Angelica 9 years
I don't do it all the time, but sometimes the gals at Benefit convince to tint my lashes when I get my eyebrows done. I love it - it's great for vacations (so you don't have to worry about makeup and can swim) or times when you are going to be in working out a lot. It only lasts a couple weeks for me though.
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
I don't wear makeup when I workout, so I've never had a problem with runny mascara. Of course, the only gym I could stand for any length of time was a full-on boxing gym, and I'm certainly not walking into the boys' club with a face full of makeup!
animatedpunk animatedpunk 9 years
ahhhh, i've been tempted to get my eyelashes tinted because my lashes are blonde.... but I was afraid because I heard it is dangerous.... can you shed some light on this?????????? I'd love to know more...
erinleighralph erinleighralph 9 years
I don't wear makeup most days at work, so it totally doesn't seem worth it on the beach.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
Lash-tinting sounds intense! Sitting still for more than ten minutes also sounds rather impossible :-p I also prefer to rock the natural look when working out, simply because then I don't have to worry about makeup streaking and sweating and invading my skin (I have horrible mental images of what would happen if I got horribly sweaty in full makeup...)
KimBurnett KimBurnett 9 years
I'm with emalove here and go4it. It doesn't seem worth it. Why don't we just embrace the natural while working out?
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
Really? Is it weird that I'm completely surprised at this? Do you look in the mirror when you come out of the water to check, wren?
wren1 wren1 9 years
I love having my lashes tinted. Mine are long but blonde. And I agree, Fit, it's the best when you get out of the water with perfect lashes!
go4it go4it 9 years
Isn't eyelash tinting extremely dangerous? i've heard it can be risky.
linday_love linday_love 9 years
too much for me,but to each his own
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
I can't see myself being the concerned with how I look when I'm running down the street. I guess I'm not into the whole meat-market-gym thing, anyway, so maybe that's where I lose her.
gabiushka gabiushka 9 years
Sounds too invasive for me...dont think I need it anyway
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Sounds interesting enough but it's not something I would ever really need to do...
emalove emalove 9 years
I don't really need to do this. My lashes are really long and naturally pretty dark. But I think for women with blonde or light eyelashes, it would be great. Neutrogena used to make a lash tint that lasted for 3 didn't lengthen, just made the lashes a little darker. I used it once when I went on a camping trip and really liked it. I wonder if they still make it...
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