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The rich and famous trek to Beverly Hills to get a brighter smile from Dr. Kevin Sands, who you might have seen on Dr. 90210. But if you can't make it in for an appointment, here's the next best thing: Dr. Sands's advice on getting whiter, healthier teeth at home. (Be sure to check with your own dentist before starting a whitening regimen, of course.) For his five easy and affordable ways to get your gleam on, keep reading.

  • Break out the Arm & Hammer. "Baking soda should be used alone on a damp toothbrush or mixed with toothpaste to neutralize the salty taste," Dr. Sands says.
  • Get chewin'. Dr. Sands recommends chomping down on chewing gum that has xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener. Chew it immediately after ingesting stain-causing food or beverages (red wine, coffee, and so forth) to keep stains at bay. The increased saliva protects your teeth before stains can set in. What's more, this kind of gum can actually help, not harm teeth. "An added benefit is that xylitol has been shown to help prevent decay," Dr. Sands says.
  • Hit the market. In addition to avoiding stain-causing foods, seek out strawberries, which brighten teeth. Just slice one and rub it directly on your teeth. "Strawberries contain natural teeth whitening agents," Dr. Sands says. "It is very important to brush with toothpaste immediately afterward, as strawberries also contain sugar and acids."
  • Concoct your own brushing blend. "Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt, and toothpaste for an inexpensive whitening toothpaste," Dr. Sands says.
  • Rinse well. Dr. Sands recommends a fluoride rinse such as Act Restoring rinse to strengthen teeth while keeping them sparkling.
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Join The Conversation
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
The baking soda is a bad idea. I asked my friend who is a dentist about the baking soda a few months ago and he said brushing your teeth with baking soda is like brushing your teeth with sand paper. Just a word to the wise.
herfallingstar herfallingstar 8 years
Actually, you should wait at least half an hour after eating fruit OR rubbing strawberries onto your teeth. The acids in fruit actually weaken the enamel. If you were to immediately scrub away with a toothbrush, you risk doing some serious damage in the long-term.
Nellllll Nellllll 8 years
That sounds perfect ;)
ren_kr ren_kr 8 years
I just started to try to use baking soda and lightly scrub my teeth once a week or every other week because I read that it could wear thin your enamel as well as dissolve dental glue (for permanent braces especially...i'm not sure about fillings though). Also I heard that if you brush your teeth right after consuming vit. c rich foods, that it'd also wear thin your enamel as well. so...don't brush your teeth right after you eat fruits?
miss-elle-cherie miss-elle-cherie 8 years
Sounds good ! I heart strawberries , so I especially love the strawberry tip . Not sure about brushing my teeth with hydrogen peroxide though ...
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
Xylitol is actually a pretty incredible thing
SalescoopCat SalescoopCat 8 years
From someone who is truly obssessed with having white teeth-- let me tell you that these five cheap ways of whitening do work! *the baking soda one especially* But, if you really want results fast, and don't have the time to see a doctor-- Crest White Strips my friend.
SalescoopCaro SalescoopCaro 8 years
This tips are so awesome! Whitestrips are expensive and so annoying!!! Whoever said that you can wear them while talking on the phone or shopping has never used them. I cannot wait to try these tricks, especially the strawberry one!
care143 care143 8 years
Segat - it's equal parts :)
Segat1 Segat1 8 years
it's a shame Dr Sands didn't give the proportions for the home-made whitening toothpaste.
mecita mecita 8 years
About a month ago I started brushing with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I have noticed whiter teeth already! Plus, these products are SO much cheaper than the alternatives. (P.S. - Don't be afraid of hydrogen peroxide - its been used as a mouth wash for years and years).
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 8 years
another reason for me to buy some strawberries!!! :]
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
I've tried hydrogen peroxide as a rinse and brushing my teeth. It's great - I like using it as a rinse sometimes after flossing.
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