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Five Fun Facts About Hand Models

Ah, a day in the life of a hand model. It's all about no cooking, no cleaning, or performing excessive actions in an effort to protect the hands. Or, in certain cases, it's all about standing in when the actress's hands aren't available. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? While, yes, it's true that these "parts models," as they're known as in the biz, take extra precautions to keep their hands looking pristine, it's more than just looking pretty for the camera.

Take hand model Ashly Covington, for instance. "I moisturize 20 to 30 times a day, and wear gloves 90 percent of the time," she told CNN. "When it's your livelihood, you've got to think hands first," she added. Find out some more interesting facts regarding this uncommon profession.

  • Decent wages: Typically, a hand model can earn from $300 to a few thousand dollars an hour.
  • Acting out: In order to get the message across, hand models must become adept at acting with their moneymakers. "I was doing a shoot where I had to pick up a cheeseburger and bring it to camera, but they wanted it to be the most delectable cheeseburger," Covington said. "So I said 'mmmm,' and really conveyed the emotion," she added.
  • Who's the star?: It's very rare for a hand model to become famous. "Your hands are not the star, the product is the star," said Jivelle Callender, a newbie in the business. "It's one thing to just dip a shrimp, but it's quite another thing to do it on camera to make sure the shrimp looks spectacular."
  • Give her a hand: Sometimes, however, a hand modeling job will get you recognition. Five years ago, hand model Kimbra Hickey lent her hands for Twilight's cover art. And while her work garners attention from Twihards, she puts it into perspective, saying, "It seems people think we all live like supermodels and rock stars, but it's really just a regular job."
  • So you think you can model?: According to Danielle Korwin, president of the Parts Models agency, they only want "the exceptional" when it comes to who they choose to hire. "Your hands have to be veinless, poreless, and flawless," she added. And even if you do have the perfect hands, Covington notes that they still have to have to have that certain photogenic quality.
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