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Five Reasons Jessica Simpson's Beauty Show Might Be Awesome

Five Reasons Jessica Simpson's Beauty Show Might Be Awesome

This week, we learned that Jessica Simpson is planning a new reality show. With a working title of The Price of Beauty, the show will follow Jess around the world as she explores body image and conceptions of beauty. Could it be that after the Mom Jeans debacle, she has body image on the brain? And could it be that TPOB will turn out to be must-see TV? For five ways this show could turn out to be amazing,


There's a high likelihood of priceless quotes
Jessica probably will never have another Chicken of the Sea moment, but let's hope for some good "platymapus"-style moments. Let's face it, the girl can be funny — especially because she knows how to laugh at herself.

. . . but Jess is older and wiser, too
Six years have passed since she did Newlyweds, and she's matured a lot. If she can explore different cultures' beauty ideals with a curious mind, this show might have some substance along with the silliness.

She's gonna be a Gonzo girl
Reports say that Jessica will subject herself to "shocking" beauty treatments. She's already admitted to having had Restylane injections, so can we expect more needles, prodding, and poking? Witnessing a bird poop facial could be funny, but she has the opportunity to show the not-so-pretty side of primping, too. Either way, it should provide some compelling footage.

She's got a few things to say
Frankly, it seems like Jessica is tired of people discussing her weight. (Who wouldn't be?) After being criticized for being "fat" — which is a stretch, and even if she were fat, so what? — she's probably ready to take on our culture's obsession with thinness. If she challenges our often-narrow vision of what it means to be beautiful, that could be powerful television.

Role model, hello!
Lots of girls look up to Jessica, and if she's able to present a diverse view of what it means to be beautiful, they could wind up feeling good about not looking "perfect." And that could be the show's biggest success of all.

Are you curious to see how this show unfolds? Will you be checking it out with me?


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