For those of us with seriously straight hair, trying to get loose, soft curls like the ones Kat Dennings had on the red carpet for the movie Shorts can be maddening — your hair is too curly right out of the curling iron, so then you have to brush it out a little or put in some hair creme, then your curls won't stay in without a ton of hairspray, but that just makes them crunchy and heavy, so after a couple of hours they fall out anyway. It's a sad situation, but one that can be remedied. To get you curled up with the best of them, I've put together four easy tricks for getting the most out of your curl. Just read more.


  • It might seem counterintuitive, but use a straightener or flat iron like this Revlon ceramic straightener ($25). Wrap a section of hair around the plates, then rotate outward as you go down the shaft. It creates bigger, softer curls to begin with, so you won't have to brush them out and they'll last longer.
  • Two words: mini buns. Wash and towel dry your hair, then put in some maximum hold hairspray. Divide it into about 10 sections. Twist each section from root to tip into a bun and secure each of them with a little hair elastic. Blow-dry for a couple of minutes to ensure your hair doesn't stay wet all night, then sleep on it. For girls with fine, poker straight hair, this is by far the best option. Dry them a little more before you take them out in the morning. They may look tight for a minute, but they'll fall out some over the next half hour or so.
  • Cheat. Celebrities constantly use extensions, and there's no reason you shouldn't, too. Synthetic clip-in curly extensions like Vibralite ($35) are a little expensive, but you can use them whenever you want to, and it makes doing your hair so, so easy. This one works best if you have shorter hair, though, since you'll have less to pin up and hide.
  • Get a perm. No seriously, though. You may not be nostalgic for the '80s, but if you're sick of flat, straight hair, a soft body perm will give you a nice dose of volume, wave, and movement without giving you perma-frizz. This one is a good option for women who don't color their hair, since it's a lot less damaging on virgin strands.