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Five Ways to Shorten Your Shower

5 Ways to Make Your Showers Shorter

Taking long showers does more than just raise your water and heating bills. It also dries your skin out, wastes water, and annoys the other people in your household. As a chronic long shower-taker, I'm trying to ween myself off of lengthy sojourns in my favorite tiny tiled room, and I've come across quite a few helpful tips along the way. So to get help kicking the habit, just keep reading.

  • Shower at the gym. People typically feel uncomfortable taking long showers at the gym, so doing your daily ablutions here can cut down on your time. It's also a great way to get yourself to work out.
  • Set a timer. This may feel silly at first, but people tend to lose track of time in showers or baths. So setting yourself a five- or 10-minute timer can alert you to just how much time you really are spending under the water.
  • Plug the drain. Having the shower water rising up around your feet and ankles is an easy way to remember just how much water you're using.
  • Turn the water off in between shower activities. Switch your shower head off while you're letting your conditioner sink in, while you're shaving, etc. so that even if you can't cut down on actual shower time, you use less water. This is also called a navy shower.
  • Turn your water heater off before you get in the shower. This is definitely the way to go cold turkey on long showers, because when the warm water runs out, that's it. And unless you like cold showers, the loss of warmth is usually enough to get people out.
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