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Flaky Skin Help

Make Foundation Work Better on Winter-Dry Skin

Winter presents all sorts of skin problems, including the dreaded flake face. Since wearing makeup on dry skin can be challenging, we turned to Chad Hayduk, co-founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, for advice. To get the lowdown on keeping your skin smooth and your makeup looking good no matter how inclement the weather, just keep reading.

  • When you're out to buy a concealer or foundation, Chad says to avoid oil-free makeup. "Look for moisturizing makeup products with a bit of oil in them to hydrate and lock in moisture," he says. "Don't worry, oils are actually good for the skin, even on an oily skin type. It's when your makeup is not removed that causes problems."
  • To help your makeup last longer, spend time on your skincare routine. "Make sure you let your moisturizers sit a good five minutes," he advises. "Let them do their work! Prepping the skin will ensure the longest makeup wear, as drier skin does not hold makeup as well as moisturized skin. If the makeup is applied before the moisturizer sets, it will dilute the properties of the moisturizer and sheer out the wearability of your makeup."
  • If you have oilier skin and your usual makeup is supposed to help keep you matte, Chad suggests you switch to something more moisturizing. While you're at it, avoid powder and other oil-controlling products. "They will dry your skin even more or irritate chapped skin," he says.


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sonnebrille sonnebrille 7 years
I find that applying lotion with one of those triangle shaped sponges really helps even out my skin before I put foundation... or as I have been doing lately, just applying a moisturizing concealer on my t-zone and breakouts. The triangle sponge seems to soak up excess moisturizer so it feels light on my skin, and it also forces me to apply more lotion to the dry skin that really needs it... opposed to the swipe I do with my hands when I don't use a sponge.
NewLondonLuxe NewLondonLuxe 7 years
Another one of my fave tips for de-flaking makeup midday is spritzing Rose Water on your face. Immediately "reactivates" foundation while adding a mist of moisture. Duchess Marden's Damascena Rose Water is my fave
weffie weffie 7 years
Haha LOVE the turtle pic! I switch to an "old lady" foundation (one that is meant to fight wrinkles) in the winter, it's too greasy for the summertime but in the cold it's really great for thirsty skin.
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