Creed Fleurissimo has always been known as the fragrance created for Grace Kelly to wear at her royal wedding, but it's not the only scent inspired by the late princess. In 1966, Gucci designed the Flora scarf for Grace, and in 2009 Gucci came out with a same-name fragrance inspired by the woman and the fabric. I recently tried the newest member of the Flora fragrance family, Flora Eau Fraîche, which will be in stores stateside mid-April. So does the scent stand up to Grace's legacy? Find out when you read more.

Flora Eau Fraîche is extremely feminine and floral, but unlike other recent Eau Fraîche launches (Chanel Chance is the flanker that comes to mind) this one doesn't have the sweet, watery scent profile of a strawberry glacé. Instead, what stands out for me is the orange blossom accord at the center of the scent. This is a citrus floral with no fruit, but plenty of rind, flowers, and leaves instead.

Eau Fraîche opens with a short, slightly green burst of very accurate kumquat peel, then adds a little bergamot to round things out. Quickly, however, it becomes a full-fledged orange-blossom scent, blending neroli and a green note that keeps the accord from becoming a fruity floral. As it dries down on me, it becomes indistinct flowers and sandalwood. It's a nice, if not terribly singular scent, and it stays just a little off the skin. It's strong enough that the someone sitting right next to you on the bus might catch a whiff if you used a three or four spritzes, but there's not much sillage.

In all, it's a relief from the ever-growing ranks of fruity-floral fragrances, and I can see it being gorgeous on a warm night out to dinner, dancing, or a black-tie event. There is indeed something a little formal and reserved about it that is very Princess Grace.