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I have a sweet tooth. There, I said it. I have to control myself around bulk candy because otherwise I'll fill up that plastic bag with a heap of sugary treats, only to scarf it all down with lightning speed. Everyone needs to get a little sweet carb fix in now and then, but is sugar the enemy when it comes to your skin?

I consulted with Dr. Adrienne Denese, who has her own line of skin products, sold through QVC, to find out. "Sugar is your skin’s worst internal enemy," Denese confirmed. Shucks. "However, just to keep things in perspective, the detrimental power of sugar does not even hold a candle to the destructive power of your skin’s worst enemy: the sun."

So, while I've got it right in the sunscreen department, it looks like this Sugar gal needs to put the kibosh on that candy bin aisle. What is good for your skin? As suspected, a diet high in fruits, proteins, and vegetables will provide the best results, keeping the refined sugars out — or at least to a minimum, advised Denese.


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