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Foods For Healthy Skin

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Nutritionist and Simple Advisory Board member Ellie Krieger shares her top picks for skin-loving foods.

The daily grind can throw off even the most balanced eating habits: from delayed bus schedules to group dinners out with friends, there are many obstacles to eating well. The good news is that even the busiest city schedules can find easy ways to sneak in healthy, skin-loving foods. As a nutritionist, chef, and member of the Simple Advisory Board, I believe in a holistic approach to skin care. Just like in the food we eat, what is left out is as important as what is put in.

A new survey from Simple Skincare found surprising truths about the wear and tear that everyday city diets — and lifestyles — may be having on the health and appearance of women's skin. The survey shows that 76 percent of women are aware that what they eat impacts their skin's health, but over half (52 percent) don't feel confident calling their diets "balanced." That's really the first step: stocking up on healthy but delicious foods and eating them throughout the day. Here are my top picks for foods you should be eating and why they're so darn good for you.

  • Almonds and dried cherries: The vitamin E and healthy fat in the almonds and antioxidants in the dried cherries can help protect your skin from damaging UV rays and inflammation.
  • Dark chocolate: This delicious treat is full of flavonoids that may help protect and repair skin cells.
  • Nuts, avocados, and oil-rich fish (such as salmon): These are all hydrating foods rich in healthy fats that can help skin cells form a healthy barrier against dryness.

Need more proof that your skin is influenced by your lifestyle choices? Check out this time-lapse video of the effect busy city lifestyles can have on a woman's skin in just 14 days. Get more holistic skin care tips and product recommendations from the Simple Advisory Board by using the Simple Skin Forecaster Tool. Join the #KindtoCitySkin conversation @SimpleSkincare on Twitter!

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