When you think affordable, trendy clothing, what always-packed retail chain comes to mind? Could it be Forever 21? The low-cost store has been on an upward growth trend over the past few years, adding both a plus line and a contemporary line most recently. But how do you think the company's upcoming plans to enter the beauty realm will fare?

Some large clothing chains, like Victoria's Secret, have launched successful beauty collections that make a lot of money. But others haven't fared so well. You might recall the Gap's very short stint with makeup back in the earlier part of the decade. And don't forget H&M's makeup collection, which used to be available in the States, but is limited to European distribution these days.

Considering Forever 21's current beauty offerings are defined by items for the not-of-legal-drinking-age crowd, like glittery polishes, diamond eye shadows, and nail art stickers, I have to wonder. Can Forever 21 make a beauty line work without coming off as cheap and costumey, or will it somehow find a way to differentiate themselves in a sea of endless beauty product choices?

Photo by Bakkenrecord