While reading British Elle at a spa the other day, I couldn't help but notice an article about famous facialist Debbie Mitchell, from the Heaven Skin Care Salon in London. Her facials are a little bit unorthodox. In fact, she doesn't do the typical cleanse, extract and moisturize routine, she also performs psychic healing, massage and an aura reading during your treatment.

Mitchell believes that you skin is a tell-tale sign of your future. By moving her hands up and down your face and body, she can "see" your stress points. Depending on what information your body gives away, she could even talk to you about topics such as your career, your friends, the condition of your heath, how many children you'll have and what sex they'll be. Pretty heavy for a facial, eh?

After she is finished with your aura, she rubs your face and applies the appropriate products for your skin type to cleanse your skin and create the kind of warm glow that radiates from within. However, gaining insight to the unknown while getting pampered doesn't come cheap. A treatment can cost anywhere from £65 to £145 (that's about $130 to $290). What do you think? If you were to take a trip across the pond, would you indulge in a fortune-telling facial?