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Everyone knows that drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily is essential for health and vitality.

Here are some ways to keep hydrated without having to think too much about it!

Carry it with you! If you always have a bottle of smartwater handy you will be more likely to reach for it. Take it with you when you are on the go and keep it close even when you are at home!

Schedule it. Set a specific time during the day when you will take a break to stop and drink a glass of water.

Drink one glass before every meal. Get in the habit of drinking just one glass of water before every meal and you can check off at least three of your eight daily cups.

Eat it! Add water-based food to your diet; these foods will not only make you feel fuller faster, but they will also add a little extra hydration to your day. It’s easy, just throw some zucchini into your soup or celery into your salad!Click Here

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