After chatting with La Prairie's color ambassador, Raychel Wade, I was impressed with her simple makeup tips. Earlier, I shared with you her advice on lip-color essentials for your purse and her foolproof way to wear a dark lip; today, it's all about her blush and concealer how-tos. They struck a chord with me, and I think they will with you, too. To check them out, keep reading.

  • The joys of cream blush: "I love cream blush," says Raychel. "I think that women tend to err on the really safe side of blush, and it doesn't do anything for them. I always recommend to go a little bit brighter than you would think to go," she adds. Her recommendation? The bright tones of Cellular Radiance Cream Blushes ($70 each).
  • Concealer — not just for under the eyes: Who says concealer is just for under the eyes and hiding pimples? "You can go under your eye, but you can also dot around wherever you are red and spread a nice thin veil around," says Raychel. "It's almost like a foundation, without it covering your entire face — so that your skin is coming through."
  • Glowing cheeks: Do you want your blush to be in the spotlight? Just follow Raychel's advice on highlighting your cheeks. She says, "Another great tip is that if you put your blush on the apple of your cheeks, I'll dot it around, because then it kind of frames the blush." (It's my new favorite technique.)
  • Instant eraser: "I love diluting makeup so it looks like it's [the glow] coming from within," she says. That's where the brand's Cellular Treatment Illuminating Face Powder ($60) comes into play. "I treat it kind of like a filter in a camera lens. So if, for instance, you put too much cream blush on and you just want to die it down, it's really great."