New from Frédéric Malle in collaboration with Sophia Grojsman (the nose behind scent successes such as Lancome Tresor, YSL Paris and Calvin Klein Eternity) is an exclusive scent for Barneys Co-Op. Designed for men and women alike, the fragrance is a succulent blend of capirihna, clean laundry, green apple, orange blossom, amber and cedar.

I'm curious to know whether the scent of clean laundry means we'll be seeing—er, sniffing—more of that in other fragrances. Imagine if there's a new wave of Eau de All or Eau de Tide coming soon!

Although the fragrance is not 100% organic, the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, so at least it's a step in the right direction. According to an interview with Simon Doonan of Barneys New York, Malle says that the fragrance "had to be right for Co-Op. I wanted an androgynous, super-sexy scent, like a good pair of jeans ..."

I like how that comparison resonates and it kind of makes me want to smell it now. What do you think? A bottle of Outrageous sells for $110 and is available in a 100ml size only.