Demeter's fragrances are original and clever, and the company always comes up with a simple scent I hadn't imagined as a wearable fragrance. The question is, should they? For every amazing scent such as Vanilla Ice Cream, there's a stinker like Play-Doh. Unfortunately, I have to count Crayon in the latter category.

I won't bore you with purple prose about how Crayon smells, because if you've ever smelled Crayola, you know exactly what this fragrance is like. To Demeter's credit, they've bottled the essence of crayons so precisely that one whiff takes me back to preschool. (It really is a Proustian thing, especially since, well, toddlers are prone to gnawing on crayons.) But as spot-on as the scent is, I can't think of a single occasion when wearing this would be up my alley. If you've been yearning to smell of Burnt Sienna or Brick Red, though, it's perfect for yours.