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Fragrance Review: Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze

Earlier this week, I was perusing the cosmetics department at Bloomingdales. I started chatting with a sales rep, and I asked him which brands he's into most these days. He listed off a few that didn't surprise me, and then he added, "And you know, Elizabeth Arden is making a big comeback."

I was glad to hear him say this because I've been thinking the same thing. For the longest time, I felt like the brand had a bit of an old-lady feel, but the more I try out its products, the more I think, "Huh! This is actually. . . really well done, and not at all in a Rose Nylund way."

So I was interested in smelling Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance, Mediterranean Breeze ($57) It's a limited-edition reinterpretation of last year's Mediterranean. Compared to the original, it's lighter and not quite as sweet. For the full review,


It features top notes of white nectarine, bergamot, and sparkling grapefruit, and middle notes of florals and sweet almond oil. The base notes of musky cedarwood and sandalwood dance gently with the florals to neutralize what would otherwise be an overpowering sweetness. The result is a "clean" smell that doesn't verge into fabric softener territory.

My only complaint is the same that I have for most light, fresh scents: It doesn't stick around too long once applied. And even though I would love to escape to the Mediterranean for the real thing, a bottle of this will transport me for now.

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catseye catseye 7 years
Ok, so I'm not the normal girly girl- And for this reason I was little cautious about trying this fragrance. It has all the warning signs. Pink, Flowers, The world Pretty in it... I smelled the fragrance and my first thought was that it did not smell like chemical water, like the others placed around it. It wasn't funky or archaic smelling.. People often comment about how its mellow and bland. I actually look for that in a perfume. Not overpowering. Non offensive after you buy it like so many others. Its standard, but not a regrettable purchase. I first received it as a sample in a magazine, and honestly it is the best I've tried yet. I hope it sticks around because surely now it is my perfume, no matter how pink, no matter how floral. :P
emalove emalove 9 years
This smells awesome! My mom wears it.
antibalas antibalas 9 years
I liked the original Mediterranean a lot and I'm still saving up for it lol. The way the Breeze variant was described sounds like the original's Spring-y, demure sister.
audreyxoxo audreyxoxo 9 years
this smells really good
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
It sounds really nice - I like these light, fresh scents :-D
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
ooh, i gottca check this out...i really like mediterranean, so i'll probably like this too!
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