Confession time: I actually listened to Nancy Reagan back in the day, and I have never smoked pot. Whenever someone breaks out the weed, I dork out and worry about getting a contact high. A friend recently fired it up in my kitchen, and I spent the whole time airing out the apartment and trying to keep the cats away, lest they become red-eyed, Cheetos-devouring drug addicts. (Now who's paranoid?)

It's safe to say that weed isn't my thing, but oddly enough, I'm really into Fresh Cannabis Rose. It has an intriguing rich-hippie scent that, yes, smells a little like roses and pot — but in the most sophisticatedly dirty way possible. It's one of those scents that makes people think you simply smell good, and I think it would be disarmingly sexy on a guy.

The best way to experience this kind of reefer madness is with the gift set ($45), which includes a shower gel, body cream, and eau de parfum. And let me tell you, the body cream is intensely luxurious. It's also $85, so don't blame me if you develop a habit.