Fragrance Review: Sycomore by Chanel
Fragrance Review: Sycomore by Chanel

Chanel has recently released another one of its old-turned-new again fragrances to its high-end Les Exclusifs Collection. It's called Sycomore, and for $190, you can be the proud owner of 200 ml of Coco Chanel's original 1930 scent (available in Chanel boutiques worldwide) that was first created by Earnest Beaux and was tweaked by current Chanel nose Jacques Polge.

What makes Sycomore special is that like Mademoiselle Chanel's style, it combines the best of masculine and feminine scents. With its mix of woodsy smoky essences, it has a straightforward aroma. Sycomore is blended from a mixture of strong Hawaiian vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, juniper and spicy pink pepper. Notice how there are no flowers present? That's because of its no-frills concept.

Although it's rather pricey — full disclosure, Chanel sent a bottle to me for review — it happens to be one of my favorites to wear when I mean business. I spritz it on for meetings, afternoon events and whenever I want to feel strong rather than soft. Just shy of 80 years in the making, this scent has made a popular return. If you ever wondered why Chanel has earned a reputation for being timeless, Sycomore is a prime example. Just gorgeous.