One scent I always love is that fresh baby smell. There's something about infant—when they're not rocking a poo-filled diaper or bit of spit-up, that is—that smells so clean. But if you think babies smell bad, you can spritz them with Love, Chic Baby. It's a $60 fragrance duo for the stroller set (one is for boys, the other's for girls).

The little-girl scent features pink mandarin, Italian bergamot, water lily, pink peony, yellow freesia, island pineapple, and sheer rose. For baby boys, it's mandarin, orange, pink grapefruit, sweetheart melon, wild strawberry and dew berry.

I haven't smelled this, but I'm intrigued. While I can't imagine spritzing a baby with fragrance, I could see teenagers and younger women pulling off this sort of soft, fruity floral. What do you think?