Not to sound too preachy, but sun safety starts with you, no matter your age or complexion. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, yet it's also the most preventable and curable form (when detected early). While remembering to apply sunscreen daily is your responsibility, The Skin Cancer Foundation is pitching in with a national tour to keep you in check. Spreading the word in more than 80 cities, board-certified dermatologists will perform full-body skin-cancer screenings on a customized 38-foot RV.

Officially kicking off on May 4 in New York, the tour expects more than 10,000 people over the multi-month effort. By offering these free tests, The Road to Healthy Skin Tour not only educates thousands about the importance of protective and preventative measures, but leaves no excuse for the "coulda" part of that woulda, shoulda saying. Curious when the tour arrives near you? Search by state or date, and remember, you should always have this annual skin check done by a doctor near you regardless!