I've got a hefty laundry list of qualities I don't like about Heidi Montag, but what I do love are her gorgeous nails. Whether they're gold or burgundy, they are always long and perfectly manicured.

I thought that French manicures were on their way out, but then along comes Heidi and Britney Spears bringing this classic back again. Most of you think they're tacky and should be saved for formal occasions only. For the rest of you who are still loyal fans, here are two great at-home French manicure kits I think you'll love.

Sephora Easy French Manicure Duos ($8) is a double-ended nail varnish that houses either a beige or a pink color on one side and a clear base and topcoat on the other. However, if you're looking to create the white tip, you still need another product. I suggest this French Tip Pen ($8) since it's so easy to use.

For one more easy-to-use French manicure kit,


Barielle French Manicure Set ($16) contains an opaque white, a clear and a pale pink polish that allows you to create a French manicure in five simple steps.