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Funny Salon Stories Quiz

Is This Salon Mishap True or False?

I have a fair number of friends who are hairstylists, and one of the best parts about that — besides their gratuitous advice, of course — is that they have lots of hilarious tales to tell. With schedules that often pack in over 10 clients a day, that's a great deal of interaction, and that can lead to some pretty wacky encounters.

This leads me to (BTC), an online community of salon professionals. Just about every day, I get its newsletter, which typically includes a feature called "That's What She Said," which recounts stylists' crazy mishaps. I've gathered a few of these stories together to see if you can spot the real ones from the fakes. Think of it like an episode of Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!, minus Carl Kasell.

Source: Flickr User carmen_g

Is This Salon Mishap True or False?

A stylist accidentally turned a blonde's hair green, thanks to another stylist who had left behind a bowl of green hair dye in the shampoo sink.

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