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Gabby Sidibe at the 2010 SAG Awards

2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Gabourey Sidibe

I know this is more Fab territory, but I love the color of Gabby's dress. It's a winner in my book. Also cute: the curls she's been sporting on red carpets for the last few weeks. For the SAG Awards, she chose a makeup palette of icy lavenders and cool roses. Are you loving the look?

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Image Source: WireImage
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@pamelabacan-thank you for seeing my point of view and supporting me :-)
pamelabacan pamelabacan 7 years
i'm completely with you sloane220. people can make comments but should be careful not to go overboard about it lest they risk sounding like they are discriminating or stereotyping. we don't need another cathy horyn in this world.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@rigor mortis-i ALSO have a right to my own opinions and i stated them, and i think using coded language like bright makeup doesn't work with her skintone (maybe because you don't SEE people with her very dark brown skin tone in the public eye very often) and saying that her face is shiny when she's clearly wearing matte makeup is RIDICULOUS. and i never said no one should out and out say they think she's unattractive, i said wished people would keep it to themselves and i simply stated how the conclusion of someone like her being unattractive is often reached. no can claim that a lot of people won't AUTOMATICALLY write her off as being unattractive for being a dark-skinned overweight black woman, with big lips and a big nose in THIS society where white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and thinness are praised as the pinnacle of beauty.
Rigor-Mortis Rigor-Mortis 7 years
Oy, sloane! FFS, these people have the right to speak their minds... this isn't the "Gabby Sidibe Fan Club Forum", and talking about loving or hating her look is the very purpose of Bella's post, man. No need to be rude to others just because they disagree with you. That said, I like Gabby's look from the Golden Globes better, I think she looks more fab with warm shades. The dress is FLAWLESS, though. Great actress, looking forward to see what she comes up with next.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@anonymous 6- her face doesn't look shiny, because anyone with half a brain can tell that she has matte makeup on. and despite wearing matte makeup she has a healthy glow. another thing, bright makeup looks GREAT on dark brown skin, and plays up her features. if you (and cris1192) don't think she's attractive (probably because she isn't the conventional white, thin, blonde, blue-eyed starlet) that's unfortunate, but i wish you'd keep it to yourselves.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Lipstick doesn't look well with the dress.
Cris1192 Cris1192 7 years
(Everyone is so going to hate me) I kind of support anonymous. I don't think she's beautiful. It has nothing to do with her weight, I love Mo'Nique, Brooke Elliot and Whitney Thompson, I just don't think her face is pretty.
pamelabacan pamelabacan 7 years
shiny? i'm seeing glowing, healthy skin. @anonymous - and what does "not attractive" got to do with?
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
she is so beautiful but her face is always so shiny - not sure if it's just the lights from the camera or what but it is not flattering. the makeup is nice though; not sure about the pink lipstick but it's youthful and fun and she obviously likes it...
LuniaFloria LuniaFloria 7 years
She looks great in both the neutrals and the brights... but as I have said about Gabby before... the best thing on her face is her beautiful smile. :D
BallonDoggy BallonDoggy 7 years
I like her makeup here more than at whatever the last award show was. Wow, I can't even remember last weekend, too much football brain. But at that show it seemed like she wasn't wearing anything and I think I remember her face seeming a bit too shiny.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
Such a pretty lip color!
pamelabacan pamelabacan 7 years
i love these colors on her. she looks young and fresh. just the right amount of pink color on her lips to accentuate her beautiful smile.
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