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Galactic Freckles Trend Halloween

Galactic Makeup: The Hottest New Makeup Trend Is Here For Halloween 2016

A photo posted by Qinni (@qinniart) on

When artist Qinni, known on Instagram as @Qinniart, posted this image of a young girl with a (literal) constellation of freckles on her feed, she couldn't have known how much her watercolor sketch would inspire makeup artists across social media. But a few months later, Qinni's original piece has led to one of the most popular makeup trends of the season, known across Instagramm, YouTube, and Pinterest as "galactic freckles."

The look took off a couple months ago, when makeup artists began to share their off-the-page interpretations — most often created from eye shadows and white eyeliner. Learn how to do it in this tutorial from Miranda Hedman. It quickly became so popular that Snapchat even created a filter that seemed to be inspired by the trend.

We're looking forward to seeing how Orion's Belt and Ursa Minor — along with Qinni's trendsetting artwork — will be manifested on Halloween by artists getting creative with this galactic makeup trend. For now, we're keeping our eyes on Instagram, where pros and amateurs alike are experimenting with constellations, stars, and galaxies as an avante-garde twist on a classic smattering of freckles. We've included some of the best takes on the galactic freckles trend from Instagram here. Be inspired by this out-of-this-world look!

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