Hey everybody. BellaSugar's got a little secret for you. Starting next week on Monday, June 25th, Nordstrom is having their annual Anniversary Pre-Sale Event. This means that you can pre-order hundreds of beauty exclusives from over 100 different brands online from June 25th through July 20th. Something to note is that nothing will be charged or shipped to you until July 20th when the actual sale begins in stores - got it? In other words, this is like pre-season for fall beauty!

How excited are you? I can tell you how excited I am because I got a little sneaky peeky at some of these fab exclusives last week and I am going to be sharing one with you each day for the rest of this week. So get your credit cards ready, because you beauty product junkies, members of the Clinique Clique and just about anyone else who is addicted to sweet deals are not going to be believe what's in store!