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Gemstone Skin Care

Gemstone Skin Care: What It Is and What You Should Try

Diamonds are a girl's best friend . . . and now, so are amethysts, sapphires, and a slew of other gemstones. Gemstones are going well beyond jewelry right now, as beauty brands are increasingly turning to materials like rose quartz and tourmaline to enhance their skin care creams, cleansers, scrubs, and serums.

Kristin Petrovich, who cofounded Själ with her mother, Karen, is one such devotee of gemstone-infused beauty. Själ's skin care offerings rely heavily on trace minerals as well as gemstones because, as she explains, their high vibration levels bring energy and harmony to the skin.

"Everything has a frequency or energy level to it," Petrovich says. "Gemstones and minerals naturally vibrate at a higher frequency so that they are able to penetrate into the skin and work on microcirculation. They resonate with us. We resonate with them. They work to help harmonize skin. Things like gold and silver are natural antimicrobials and antibacterials. Each gemstone has something different to it."

Take Själ's Balans Deep Pore Cleanser. According to Petrovich, the gold and silver colloidals within "break down and emulsify" makeup around the eye area without stripping the skin. A pearl extract brightens the complexion, and gemstones help support antioxidants while boosting circulation and energy levels.

Other products use gemstone extracts and powders to exfoliate the skin. A gemstone facial, or treatment in which gemstones are placed at certain chakras to clear the energy, can maximize results, Petrovich says.

Ultimately, it boils down to energy and frequency and harnessing that to benefit the skin.

"What we want to do with the gemstones in our products is to have the vibrational aspects, clarity, and energy to enhance our own personal energy," says Petrovich.

Feeling tempted? Try out these gemstone beauty buys.

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