You may think that concealer is simply for covering up blemishes, red blotches and under-eye circles, but you're not giving it nearly enough credit. A good cream concealer can also double as so much more!

For example, it works well as an eyeshadow primer. Just dot a little bit on your lids with your fingertip, blend well and set with powder. Then apply your shadow (for best results, use powder shadows) to a flawless canvas.

Also, it can work as a base on your lips if you plan on wearing dark lipstick. If you apply it just beyond your lip line as a fantastic reverse lip liner. This is a little trick that makeup artists have kept secret for ages. Having product around your lips acts as a barrier and prevent your lipstick from running, but it keeps the color even making your lips stand out. For more ideas on how to get the most from your makeup, keep reading!