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Getting Your Brows Done in Public: Pretty Good, Actually

Anastasia at ShopStyle

My eyebrows were a pair of unruly beasts, and no at-home tweezing could tame them. And unfortunately, my regular brow-maintenance person has raised her prices to a not-so-affordable $50 a pop. So last night, I trekked to Nordstrom to try out the Anastasia Brow Studio in the beauty department. There are many locations nationwide, but I'd never thought of going to one because, well, you're getting your brows done in the middle of a cosmetics department. (I like a little privacy.) Still, the $30 price was much easier to swallow, and there's a reason that Anastasia is known as the brow expert — so why not take a chance, live a little?

First thing's first: Yes, it is a little awkward to have your eyebrows shaped while shoppers mill about. (Someone's sad-looking boyfriend, stranded while his lady shopped, looked very confused by the brow-waxing process.) But after I got over that, it was smooth sailing. My esthetician expertly waxed, plucked, shaped, and highlighted my brows until they looked magazine perfect. I was mildly surprised that she, a pro, used Anastasia's brow stencils to guide her, but they worked so well that I am now going to use them to maintain the arch at home. Score one for Nordstrom.

If you want to see the end result,


There's no "before" shot, but suffice it to say that I sported the eyebrow equivalent of Daniel Higgs's beard.

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