I've always wondered if men's razors were better than women's. While ours may need to be used around our more (ok, most) sensitive areas, theirs ought to be more user friendly and have less margin for error, as many men shave every day and can't hide any shaving mishaps simply by keeping their pants on. So when I saw Gillette's new battery-operated Fusion Power Phenom Razor, which not only has five blades and a built-in precision trimmer but also a low-battery indicator light (what is this, a razor or an iPod?), I had to give it a go.

At first, I was impressed with the pivot on the blade — I could get a lot closer around my ankles and knees, where I always seem to miss hairs. But somehow as I got further north, first around my upper thighs and underarms, the razor stopped gliding as well (I used a little body wash as shave gel — it is unclear what product, if any, you are meant to use with it). And when I got out of the shower, I was stubbly, even below the knees. So, here's the verdict: The Fusion Power Phenom Razor may be the best a man can get, but as I should have known, a woman can get even better. Want more reviews? Read others or write your own.