For the last fifteen years, I've had a really strong affinity toward this old school sea-foam green fragrance called Acqua Di Gio. It was Armani's first big fragrance success and it has always reminded me of the cusp of summertime and autumn.

Maybe it's because of the aquatic and tropical floral notes—or it could be that my first post-college job was at Armani Corporate and was trying really hard to impress them!

I still keep a bottle of this oldie but goodie on hand for daytime wear. It is perfect for when you're in the mood for something crisp, light and fresh. It is made from sweet pea, jasmine, freesia, hyacinth, muscat grape, musk and woods and it's available in three Eau de Toilette sizes: 3.4 oz ($65), 1.7 oz ($49.50) and 1.15 oz ($39.50). What are some of your old-time fave fragrances? Leave a comment and let me know!