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Girls Who Wear Makeup Use Less When They're Older

Lipstick-Loving Girls Become Blush-Blasé Teens

Every two months or so, a newspaper will publish an outrageous story about girls wearing makeup, getting bikini waxes, or doing other grown-woman things before they've hit menarche. Then everyone (including us, for what it's worth) worries about Girls Growing Up Too Fast, and the concern dies down until the next article. But this time it's different: girls who try makeup at earlier ages usually become blasé about cosmetics earlier, too.

Before high school, more girls are using cosmetics than before — so the concern over kiddie spa parties may be warranted. But compared to just a few years ago, high schoolers are wearing less makeup. Experts from The NPD Group, which researched how girls use cosmetics, suggest that the initial thrill of using makeup wears off by the time the teen years roll around. "You've got girls asking, 'Do I really need this?'" says NPD beauty analyst Karen Grant. "Maybe it's not that exciting anymore because they've been using it since they were younger."

Source: Flickr user Jan Tik

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