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Girls argue they're "too beautiful" for Southwest

Are These Girls Too Beautiful to Fly?

Southwest Airlines has recently been in hot water for demanding that its female passengers dress a certain way, and now two 18-year-olds claim that they, too, were discriminated against. Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams had a heated argument with another passenger — apparently someone was taking too long in the loo— and their behavior was enough that Southwest escorted them off the plane when they landed in LA.

But the girls complain that they were treated differently (and skipped during the beverage service) because they're beautiful. “[The flight attendants] were, like, older ladies," Williams said. "We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.”

What do you think? Were these girls treated poorly because of their looks, or are they full of hot air?

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thegiraffe thegiraffe 9 years
breakbrookly, you've put it brilliantly. I can name quite a few very pretty girls that I know who don't have a big ego, partly because they're just not arrogant, and partly because in this society, if you're blond, thin and preferably blue-eyed, you count as more beautiful than others. Even if their facial features are either bad or really average, they think no end of themselves.
demeter demeter 9 years
These girls need to get over themselves. I don't doubt for a second that they were rotten brats on the plane and that's why they got treated bad.
GossipAngela GossipAngela 9 years
Um... they are not that pretty... I have seem prettier people fly and the girl I saw looked like Vicky Beckham 5 inches taller.
breakbrooklyn breakbrooklyn 9 years
to be fair, these girls only think they're so attractive b/c guys try to get into their pants. i mean the blonde chick is blonde and our society treats blondes as if they are attractive by default of being blonde. and the brunette obviously dresses in a way that calls attention to herself and she thinks the attention is b/c she's so pretty. yes, they're conceited but there are reasons for this, they didn't just pop out of their mothers' bellies with the idea that they were beautiful. it's sad that they have such big egos but someone/something must have given it to them. oh yeah and this whole "i was discriminated against b/c i'm attractive" thing needs to stop. it's getting tired
sugajen sugajen 9 years
def a bunch of stuck up valley girls. next
elmosisi elmosisi 9 years
Duh duh duh DUMMMMM!!!! i agree...this wasnt worth any CNN story.
SwtLikeCandi1 SwtLikeCandi1 9 years
Ummm..... who told them that they were cute??????
chancleta chancleta 9 years
silly mega full of themselves bella: i loved that clip!
Quills Quills 9 years
I truly do not know which is worse - this story or Kitson's implication that chubby gals cannot be hot.
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
so i've been flying on planes since i was thirteen at least twice a year alone. and nothing like this has ever happened. it's probably an isolated situation, and who can tell if it was true.
LibbyEAW LibbyEAW 9 years
These girls are LAME. They are going to be so embarrassed in a few years when they grow up and realize that they made fools of themselves.
gbychan gbychan 9 years
:gag: :roll: :gag:
orkhid orkhid 9 years
"no one really looked like us" ouch..
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Listen, having a heated argument on a plane is a REALLY bad idea
magalaya magalaya 9 years
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Please.
ames3560 ames3560 9 years
You know the brunette was just asking for a bottle of water, like she was in business class or something (and the only reason I say that is because I know they give bottles in business class before everyone else boards not because business class people have a right to be snooty)... AND she's making a big deal about WATER! I can only imagine sitting remotely close to the bathrooms and having some bratty girl yelling at the bathroom... wow.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
:ROTFL: Yeah, YOU WISH you were "too pretty"! Only people with really low self esteem would be so desperate as to say something like that. If you are amazing, other people will tell don't have to compliment yourself!
MotoLinz MotoLinz 9 years
Anyone who uses "like" in a quoted interview loses all credibility with me. :)
sassy-sugar sassy-sugar 9 years
honey, cankles and fake nails don't make you beautiful. get a life.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
I'm glad I'm not a teenager any longer and thank goodness I was raised with some morals and dignity. Signed average looking and haven't flown in 7 years. Love all the comments.
SugarCat SugarCat 9 years
I want to say "b***hes, please!"
JCP0240 JCP0240 9 years
this is so ridiculous. and i agree i loved that cnn got a shot of the cheap acrylic nails! lol who are the 25 people who voted that they are being picked on?!?!?!
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 9 years
What idiots!!! Now the whole USA knows how smart they are. They were probably taking too long in the john putting on makeup or doing their hair. You don't do that on a plane of more than 100 people. Everyone with an IQ above 100 knows that.
bellabella257 bellabella257 9 years
this is possibly the most ridiculous thing i have heard in a long time. i am 100% sure that the girls behavior is to blame in all of this. obviously because their behavior towards the press is immature and narcissistic. girls please take another look at yourselves because 1. you are not that pretty and being pretty should never be used as an excuse to behave inappropriately or to demand special attention. and 2. by making a big fuss out of this you are making yourselves look even worse. one day you two will look back on this and be ashamed because you will know how you acted and you will hopefully know better. not to mention girls i think yall may be the first two people to ever get negative attention for being "too pretty." it usually works the other way.
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