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Giuliana Rancic at the 2010 Emmys

Would You Go Foundation-Free on the Red Carpet?

Anyone who's spent time in front of a video camera will tell you: You've pretty much got to wear some sort of foundation, especially considering how high-def television reveals even the smallest flaws. But at the Emmys, TV host Giuliana Rancic hit the red carpet doing just that. The DDF skin care spokesperson went foundation-free last night, and her skin looked great. While we're guessing she still had some help with concealer, bronzer, and perhaps translucent powder, we're still in awe of her complexion. If you were having a big televised moment, would you take Giuliana's lead, or would you prefer the security of a little makeup?

Image Source: WireImage
jjuicyy jjuicyy 7 years
people...dotting some concealer on flaws and blemishes in certain spots on your face is completely different than covering your entire face and neck with foundation to cover your skin. this isn't "cheating" in any way. she didnt say "i'm completely powder, conealer, and foundation free!" she said foundation. free. completely different aspects of makeup...
Sherbear Sherbear 7 years
I can't believe she didn't have some on....concealer or power foundation is foundation to me. She looks great and her make-up looks very pretty but I say she had on foundation.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I'm not sure what she's wearing, but personally, if I were doing the "no foundation" thing, you bet I'd consider concealer a totally different product! These circles won't cover themselves, you know.
KateLynn2011 KateLynn2011 7 years
I don't think concealer and powder make her free from foundation. In fact, for photos you look better without foundation, just concealer and blush. I do like her though.
bohokitty bohokitty 7 years
Yeah, but not if I was getting my picture taken...I'm also pretty fair and the shadows just wouldn't look good. If she's wearing concealer, shimmer and powder like I think she is then that's kinda cheating imo:) I'd definitely have no problem doing that.
bryseana bryseana 7 years
Probably not. My face is really pale. So, if I have any redness or dark circles, it looks really obvious.
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 7 years
Rjs-baby-girl Rjs-baby-girl 7 years
With the type of skin I have, I would never go foundation-free. I have redness, apparent pores and dark circles. I wear a light foundation, powder, highlighter and blush and I love how it makes my skin look.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Maybe just concealer and some powder. I don't use a lot of foundation anyway (nothing can mask the fact that I am a very white girl)
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I bet you don't look scary! I'm also very fair, and that shows up on camera like whoa -- even with foundation.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
No! If my skin was as lovely and glowing as Giuliana's, then yes. But I'm super pale and without foundation, I have a blue-ish cast to my skin that looks a little scary (well, we're all our own worst judge, but I think I look ten times better with foundation on)!
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